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25/08/2017 APEC and EU Discuss Interoperability Between Data Transfer Mechanisms
28/07/2017 Singapore Submits Notice of Intent to Join the APEC CBPR and PRP Systems
12/06/2017 South Korea Joins the APEC CBPR System
18/04/2017 Initiative to Facilitate Data Flows in Asia Scores Big Wins
23/02/2017 FTC Announces Settlements with Three Companies Accused of Deceiving Consumers About Participating in APEC CBPR Program
29/11/2016 The APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules: Advancing Privacy and Digital Trade in Asia
15/09/2016 Sep. 15-16 Privacy.Security.Risk. Conference in San Jose to feature APEC Privacy Framework and CBPRs panel
22/03/2016 Merck first company to win BCRs via APEC's CBPRs
02/03/2016 JIPDEC Named Accountability Agent for APEC Cross-Border Privacy System
24/02/2016 Information Integrity Solutions Releases Report on CBPR Benefits
15/04/2015 Greater Protection for Consumers as Canada Joins Asia-Pacific Privacy Regime
05/05/2014 World leading online privacy law library gets big increase in capacity
01/05/2014 APEC expands data privacy system to protect consumers
14/04/2014 Data Protection Authorities in the European Union and APEC Member Economies Cooperated to Develop a Practical Tool for Multi-National Organisations Operating in Europe and the Asia-Pacific
13/04/2014 and Yodlee join IBM and Merck in commitment to protecting customer data privacy through APEC Certification
18/11/2013 Merck Partners with TRUSTe To Become Certified Under APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules
05/09/2013 The Cross Border Privacy Rules System: Promoting consumer privacy and economic growth across the APEC region
12/08/2013 IBM Becomes First Company Certified Under APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules
25/06/2013 TRUSTe Named First Accountability Agent for APEC Cross Border Privacy
07/06/2013 The Government of Japan Applied to Join the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules System
21/04/2013 International data transfers: towards an articulation of data flow systems between Europe and the Asia-Pacific area?
17/01/2013 México se une al Sistema Transfronerizo de datos personales de APEC
16/01/2013 Consumer protection in Asia-Pacific gets boost as Mexico joins privacy regime
31/07/2012 APEC Cross-Border Privacy System goes public
30/07/2012 US Government Federal Register Notice: Applications to Serve as Accountability Agents in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules System
26/07/2012 FTC Become First Enforcement Authority in APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules System
26/07/2012 Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank Announces U.S. Participation in APEC's Cross Border Privacy Rules System
14/11/2011 FTC Welcomes a New Privacy System for the Movement of Consumer Data Between the United States and Other Economies in the Asia-Pacific Region

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